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Do you know the advantages of studying in a student accommodation in Madrid?

It is time to choose where to study the university career, depending on the grade you will have more possibilities to decide if you want to study in your city or if you prefer to opt for another city that gives you more possibilities.
Today from Funway we explain the advantages of living in a student residence in Madrid.

  1. Madrid, the capital that offers you the most opportunities
    Studying in Madrid is an incredible opportunity. At a formative and professional level, it is the city par excellence to train you and be able to find more variety within the labor market once you finish your degree.
  2. Variety of educational offer
    What better place than the capital to live and study in a student residence. In Madrid there are excellent public universities and more than 20 private universities.
  3. You will adapt quickly
    Studying in a student residence is an opportunity to meet people. Everyone arrives in the capital in the same situation as you, leaving their families and friends far away so the majority of friends you will create in a student residence in Madrid will be for life.
  4. You will meet people from other cities
    The students who decide to live in Madrid in a residence are from outside the capital. You never know when you finish studying where you will find work and so we are going to fool you, it is always better if that day comes to have people close to you.
  5. You will enrich yourself culturally
    Madrid offers a great variety of unimaginable cultural activities. In fact, the residences are the first to promote cultural visits among their students
  6. The best places for leisure
    If we join Madrid together with the student residence, the mix obtained will be perfect. In Madrid there are millions of bars, restaurants, clubs, discos where you can enjoy your free time.

So you know, if you have not yet decided, from Funway we recommend that you join our community and enjoy all the possibilities that you will study in a student residence in Madrid.

Come in and join us. You are at home.


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