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Would you like to exhibit your works in a student accommodation?

The university stage is a period of life in which many doors open, and one of that door can be the artistic projection at all levels, both creator, producer or even curator, there are no limits when it comes to exhibiting art.

In university student accommodation there is no alienation from the artistic concerns of the universities and it´s very easy for them to give up a space for any type of exhibition.

How to exhibit your work in a Student Residence?

Residence for student exhibitions

To be able to exhibit your work in a University residence you must take into account several things.

1.What type of work do you want to expose?

Here freedom is infinite and the limits of you put your, photography, painting, sculpture, even poetry, collage, what can be done, art has no limits.

2. Conceptualization

It is perhaps the most complicated part but the most important part of the whole process. You must think about a topic, synthesize it and delve into it until you want. Remember that the more original the subject is, the more curiosity it will awaken.

3. Find a space and adjust to it

Once you have found the space in which you want to expose, mold your work to him. It will be useless if you have found a space that tries to present an exhibition that does not enter or remain blank, be aware of its possibilities and the possibilities that allow it.

4. Play with space

Do not limit yourself to the first thing that comes to mind, think “outside the box”, do something different, something you would like to see in an exhibition.

5. Determine the cost

Every work has a cost in materials and you should be aware of the expenses that the exhibition brings with it. Be realistic and think about your possibilities. It is not crazy to try to find some financing. There are many brands that support young artists, talk to them.

6. Get people to attend

Since you are going to make a great effort, mental, physical and economic, make sure that people go to the exhibition. Tell your friends, a family, paper the university, make a flyer, show it to your social networks, waste imagination and desire, because an empty exhibition of people is a garden without flowers.

7. Make an opening

It’s your day, do something different, leave people with their mouths open, it does not have to be expensive, but if you have something creative, different, memorable, it helps you sell work, it helps you meet people, you’ll be a bunch of nerves but everything will be worth it.

8. Closure

Clean all the time as if nothing had happened, stay with the student residence that has given space, to stay with a smile, to leave you again another space, to spread the word that you are someone serious. Always give a smile to the people who have helped you.

So you know, if you want to expose your works in a student residence, your tips that will surely help you.

Come in and join us. You are at home.


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