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Men sana in corpore sano

When it comes to studying a career you will have to have your mind clear and agile. One way to do it is, undoubtedly, to do sport, Men sana in corpore sano, but even to do sport you will need a healthy diet to have your body and mind ready. We can not forget that we are what we eat. And in our student residence we will always serve you first quality foods, both at breakfast, as well as at lunch and dinner.

Tips to have a healthy diet

To have a healthy diet is not only important what we eat but how we do it.

Student residence food

1 Fix your schedules

At Funway we know that a balanced diet begins with setting the schedules of three meals a day.

2 Eat slowly

Chew up 27 times before swallowing. Do the test, you will see how, after chewing, the food reaches the stomach ready to be digested and begin a digestion without “pesadeces”.

3 In all meals combines foods rich in vitamins

Always add to all your food a protein, a carbohydrate (whole, fruit or vegetable) and a healthy fat.

4 Eat natural fruit every day, avoid packaged juices

Packaged fruits are full of sugars that are not healthy for our daily diet. For this reason it is necessary to take natural juices, since they conserve all their vitamins and help to maintain the immune system in good condition.

5 Don´t skip breakfast

Under no circumstances, is a very important contribution of energy. Recent research has found that people who make a nutritious breakfast every day are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular problems.

6 Drink water, lots of water

Don´t replace it with soft drinks or similar, water is life. 90% of our body is constituted by water.

7 Eat legumes once or twice a week

Legumes are a very complete source of protein and nutrients. They help prevent many diseases and keep us healthy and active.

8 Eat in moderation

The excesses of anything are always harmful.

9 Eat varied food

In the student residence of Madrid, you will always find the variety of foods necessary to take a balanced diet.

10 Move

Anything that we have talked about is of no use if you later lead a sedentary life, but if you like sports at least, go several kilometers a day, that will make your digestive system work while walking and burn the extra calories.

We hope that our nutritional advice will help you maintain a balanced diet. See you next week with more content.

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