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Funway, the best student accommodation Madrid

Do you know why Funway is the best student accommodation in Madrid?

The decision to study in Madrid is almost as important as the decision of where to stay to live in Madrid. Madrid is a great city of about 7 million people and it is crucial that you choose the right place to stay so that your stay and your studies are prosperous and unforgettable.

Why choose the Funway student accommodation instead of other student residences?

We explain you the reasons why we are the best student accommodation in Madrid:


Our residence is located in the heart of the financial district of Madrid. This will allow you to be connected to the rest of the city in minutes, either by Metro, Bus, Public Bicycle, or any of the rental car and motorcycle options. You can also enjoy our parking if you choose to bring your own car.


Few student residences can be compared to ours in facilities, starting with a comfortable room, equipped with all luxury details. TV, studio, bathroom and sofa are just some of our amenities.


The facilities of our student residence give us the degree of restort, full gym, sauna, indoor pool in the attic, study room, recreation rooms, in our student residence we take care so you are comfortable and you wont miss anything.

Kitchen & dining room

Three high quality meals is what a student needs to be able to perform well. We know we can not make you forget your mother’s croquettes, but I assure you that ours will delight you.


There is nothing like knowing that you are in good hands and that when you get to the residence you feel at home. That’s why we have a 24-hour surveillance system to take care of what matters most to us, that you are calm.

Now you know what Funway can offer you and because we are the best student residence in Madrid

Come in and join us. You are at home.


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The Funway of living, the best place to study, share and enjoy.

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