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Residencia Universitaria Funway

Take a virtual tour of our University residence and discover its advantages

In your search for a University residence, we recommend that you stop and explore our residence in a virtual way.

What important points you should take into account in the virtual tour of our university residence


In funaway, the first thing you will find is a bright, spacious, functional and safe reception. With accessibility for the handicapped and attended 24 hours a day, providing security for both students and their belongings.


Our rooms are unique, with the possibility of having a room adapted for students with some type of physical disability, they take advantage of the space in an intelligent way, with details such as the fact that the bed rises in the ceiling when it is not being used. It also has a large desk with wifi and a sofa for recreation. Although what really catches the attention is its private terrace from where to see the famous sky of Madrid.


When it comes to eating, Funaway offers two possibilities, a self-service with a wide range of balanced and varied diet, high quality food and a dining room, spacious and bright to taste. It also gives you a kitchen if you prefer to cook your own recipes. A kitchen with eight stands of four fires each, equipped with everything you need, from batteries to wash, cutting boards, kitchen utensils or industrial refrigerators to store your purchases.


A healthy mind needs exercise to perform better, so in Funaway we offer you the best gym so you can burn all the energies of the day, with different machines for different exercises, all of last generation, at the height of the rest of the university residence.


What better way to end the day with a good sauna and a bubble bath in an indoor pool. In funaway we understand that the best way to relax the stress of a city like Madrid and its university whirlpool is with a good sauna and a bubble bath. In funaway we have what you need, a space dedicated to the sauna and total relaxation. Also, and throughout the year, we offer our students a rooftop heated pool where you can take a dip while observing the rooftops of the capital.













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