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Every day more ex-university students decide to return to the university for different reasons, expand their curriculum, reinvent themselves or enroll in a doctorate. All are valid but we must bear in mind that we are not the same as we were years ago and that there will be things that we will have to take into account so that our new stage is fruitful and pleasant.

What will I find when I return to the University?

Difference of age

The first thing you will note is the generational jump, it is very likely that many of the teachers are your age and that most of the students can be your children. Play with that advantage that gives you the power to talk to the teacher from you to you. They can help you integrate better because you speak the same language.

Again a class

It seems a minor issue, but re-entering a class, with a schedule, with colleagues, is a process that can sometimes cost a bit, especially at the beginning, but in a few days you will get used to and overcome without any problems .

Review of knowledge

It is very common that you have lost, over time, the clarity of some concepts or that memory plays a trick on you, especially in technological subjects that do not stop changing. Be patient and review your knowledge. You have to make an effort if you do not want to be left behind. Do not give up, you can.

University schedule

University hours are very different from those of work and you will have to adjust to them, especially if you have to do some work together with other classmates. You will have to be flexible.

You will know the ins and outs of a generation that is not yours

You will be “the grandfather”, everything will be new to you, your way of speaking, your concerns, your tastes, your needs. Remember that you must not be a new father to them, you must be one more, with something more head, but one more.

But the best advice is to enjoy the moment and re-open your mind, going back to college is wonderful.

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