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Move around Madrid

How to move around Madrid if you live in a University residence

Madrid, although it is quite smaller than other macro capitals of the world such as Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Pekin, London or New York, it is still a great city for which you must travel from top to bottom. Here we give you some tips on the ways to move around Madrid.

Tips to move around Madrid

Due to the high pollution rates the city has changed a lot in terms of mobility in recent years and has little to do with Madrid 20 years ago, where there was little choice.


Madrid is one of the greenest capitals in the world, has great walks with wide sidewalks and trees, there are increasingly more pedestrianized areas and the distances are relatively short. Nor is it to go in a hurry, but if you decide to go walking one day is a good option.


There is a growing movement of cyclists in the capital, the city has put an electric bicycle service in almost the entire center. They are very comfortable and inexpensive, without doubt one of the best options. There are also other bicycle rental companies.


Madrid is a very comfortable city for motorbikes, they allow you to leave it on the sidewalk to park it, and the longest route from end to end is about 15 minutes. It is not a city with many rainy days and it is perfect to get to the parts of Madrid where rental bicycles are not available.


The Madrid metro is a joy, broad, cheap and, above all, very well connected, from the airport to anywhere in Madrid you can arrive in minutes. Sure and, despite not working at night, is one of the most used transport for locals to travel.


The bus line is almost as extensive as the Metro, also share a subscription, so you can choose what type of transport you want at any time. The buses are usually quite clean and very comfortable. It is a very good option for all those who like to move around the city seeing it through a large window. They are very well connected.


It will always be the most expensive way to move around the city and not necessarily the fastest. In the last years similar services have proliferated (Uber and Cabify), they all have practically the same price and the same services, some offer something more as the best car, but it is practically the same. They are a good option for those who are heavy or very tired. The routes are not very long in Madrid, so it is difficult for a race to be more than € 20.


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