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Points to keep in mind when moving to Madrid to study

Do you move to live in Madrid?

They have already accepted you in the University, you already have all the papers in order, the family “blessing” and the encouragement of your friends. It will be the door to an unforgettable stage of your life. But a moment, do you have everything you need?

What do you need?

Documents in order. Id, passport, driving license …

Madrid is a very big city in which renewing any of your documents can become a nightmare of queues and waiting. Try to come with all your documentation up to date, it will always be easier to renew it in your city than in the capital.


Come to study is the main reason why you come, make sure that everything is in order with your faculty, validations, paperwork, payments, etc … The best thing is to arrive and everything is in order, if you can seem long queues to renew a Id those of the faculties can be even greater, make sure you take everything in order.


This point is very important, remember is where you will live all the time, whether it’s a shared flat, a college or a student residence. Do not leave it until the end because you may not have sites in the sites that you like or that you have lost the best opportunities.

Appropriate clothing

Madrid is a city of great weather contrasts within the same year, in winter the temperatures are often less than 0º and in summer they reach 40º without problems. That is why it is essential that when you pack your suitcase you have it in mind.

Health insurance

Despite having a recognized public health, the truth is that it can become widespread very quickly, so if you have the possibility of hiring basic medical insurance, especially for outpatient problems, you will save much time in waiting rooms.

As you can see, it is not a very broad list, Madrid is a very easy and open city, which will welcome you in a friendly way because one of the things you will notice is that it is full of people from outside like you.







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