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Activities in a student accommodation

One day excursions with the people of your Student Residence in Madrid

One of the great advantages of living in a student residence is that you have an endless number of people with whom to do activities, such as going on a day trip to the different sites that are within your reach.

One of the best things about Madrid is that it is very well located, it has an endless amount of very appetizing and affordable day trips.

Where to go Near Madrid

Skiing in the pinilla

It’s not Baqueira, nor Switzerland, but it’s the most decent place to go to take off “the monkey” from the Sky one hour from Madrid. Except on Sundays, it is not very busy, so there will not be many people. The views and the surroundings are very calm.


There are trains and buses regularly, an international theater festival, an aqueduct, the city is beautiful, University, it is very alive, it eats dreamlike. Highly recommended


Imperial city and almost a monument in itself, very careful, and although a little tourist, it is worth getting lost for it in search of Toledo steel.

Hiking in the Sierra Pobre of Madrid

It is the sierra less populated than the Villalba part, but it is wilder and better preserved. There are books of routes of all levels to travel through them without problems.

Hoces del río Duratón

It is best to go when it is hot and can go down the river by canoe with any of the various companies that offer the tour, being able to take a dip and see the vultures that nest nearby.


If you like lamb this is your town, famous for its medieval old town, located in a cold, but unbeatable enclave. The typical thing is to take a walk and finish it with a roast lamb very, very slow.


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