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Advertising and Public Relations

Advertising student accommodation

Do you want to study Advertising and live in a student residence?

Are you one of those who do not go to the bathroom if they are throwing a good advertisement? Do you surprise yourself in the shower by singing the song of the coca-cola ?, Do you dream of doing someday the Nike world campaign ?, then get ready to have fun because you were born advertising.

Steps to be an advertising

Convince your family that you are not crazy. Your mother will not understand you, your father will look at you out of the corner of your eye, your neighbor will support the room without fissures and your grandmother does not know about those modern things. But there’s your first challenge, you have to sell a career that nobody understands.

Enroll in school

It is worthless to have passed the first phase if you do not enroll in the right place. It is fundamental that you choose a site with a lot of passion, where the professors have worked in Advertising. Examine them to you, because your future will depend on that.

Give him hours

Don´t ever agree with the first idea that comes to you, if it is good you already have it and look for a better one, if it is bad, keep looking. Great ideas come out with the ass stuck in the chair and thinking about the shrews.

Check your ideas

Never take an idea without looking if someone has removed it before. There is nothing worse than presenting a job that was presented last year. An advertising person always has to be looking at other people’s campaigns, it’s part of their job.


In advertising one day you sell Ron, the other a football team, but you drink whiskey and you like basketball. That is why you have to observe everyone, there is to be awake to know what he likes to whom, and how you have to talk to him. An advertiser, above all, is a great observer.

Love this profession

Being an advertiser requires a lot of mettle, endless days, ideas do not arrive, and when they arrive they may not like it, so you have to think again. You need to love this profession very much, which on the other hand fills you with satisfaction when things go well and you see your campaign in the media. There everything was worth it.

Come in and join us. You are at home.


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