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Master most demanded in 2017

Los máster mas demandado

Master most demanded in 2017

Do you know which are the most demanded Masters this year?

Continuous training is very important these days. The great competition that exists today makes the young people more prepared.

Specialization in a specific field will help you to have more exit in the labor market.

Business schools and universities are adapting more and more rapidly to the needs of the market. Each year, the variety of courses and degrees increases. Today from Funway we show you the masters most demanded this year 2017.


Master most demanded

Mba (Master in Business Administration and Management)

It is one of the most demanded because it provides the student with a global and strategic vision of the activity of an organization or company. Students get a strategic view of the different areas and departments of an organization.


Master in Business Management and Marketing

This master is perfect to specialize in directing functions in the field of Marketing, Business and Business Organization. With this degree students acquire managerial skills, sales network management, sales techniques, customer management …


Official Master in Human Resource Management and Management

It is aimed at university graduates, graduates or graduates in Social and Legal Sciences. With this master the students obtain a professional specialization in the field of the direction and management of people in business or organizational environments. With this title


Master in International Business

The International Trade or also called Foreign Trade addresses the different matters related to the economic and international business framework in which it is developed. The objective of this master is to shape the students in order to enable them to be able to manage the import and export processes of a company or organization.


Master in Finance

This title is very complete and has a lot of exit in the labor market. It is aimed at all students graduated in Commerce, Engineering and Economics. The student will learn about banking and the products and institutions that form the national and international financial markets.


Don´t think any more and decide for any of these masters. Surely it is a great help for your professional growth.

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