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Public or private university?

Do not know the advantages and disadvantages of studying at a Public University?

It is an important decision because depending on what you want to study and what you want to dedicate professionally this will influence your future. That is why it is so important that you know well the advantages and disadvantages of studying at a Public University.

We understand by Public Universities those institutions that offer superior educational services whose financing runs at the hands of the government. On the other hand are the Private Universities which also offer higher education but are not subsidized by the government, that is, you pay for the education you are going to receive.


Today from Funway we explained some of the advantages and disadvantages of studying at a Public University.

Public University Advantages

Great prestige and greater demand

The level of studies is very high and you normally have to study more than in any private university. Most races have a cut grade so only those students who have good academic grades will be able to study in the public.


Much cheaper

The Public University is financed by the government so you will only have to pay for the enrollment of the casignatures you are going to take. The Private University is much more expensive and you will have to pay monthly.


Official titles

They are titles recognized worldwide so you will not have problems of validation if you go to work in another country other than Spain. The titles of some Private Universities do not serve in other countries and the student must validate the degree according to the requirements of the country in question.


More Resources for Research

They usually devote more resources to research. They have research departments on different subjects and support doctoral theses where research becomes the main point of study.


Disadvantages Public University


Reduced access to private companies

Public universities do not usually hold work placements with paid internships. In private universities, students enjoy very effective job vacancies and agreements and contacts with companies that help to find work for students.


Fewer resources

Normally they have much less resources than the Private University, especially in matters of technological material.


Less personalized tracking

The students of the Public University dont receive as much follow-up with respect to the private one which is a difficulty for the student. In the Private Universities the number of students per class is smaller so it facilitates the attention of the students.



These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of studying at a Public University.

And you? Which one convinces you more?.

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