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Artificial Intelligence: 5 technologies for 2018

Artificial Intelligence: 5 technologies for 2018

What is the next step for Artificial Intelligence?

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is more common than we think. We find it in the assistants of our mobile devices, in Internet searches, in the optimization of systems such as traffic lights in cities.

Every day, more applications of this technology reach users. Also, every day advances in the development of more sophisticated Artificial Intelligence tools with impressive potential.

Then, from Funway Resort University Residence in Madrid, we show you those that will revolutionize 2018 thanks to its commercial and business applications.

Machine learning or machine learning (Machine learning)

This discipline of Artificial Intelligence is dedicated to developing techniques that allow a program to learn about the experience. Through algorithms, tool improvement, information gathering and analysis and more, machine learning platforms have many applications. For example, refine and customize the interaction between machine and user and make predictions of behavior and classification. Specifically in marketing, it optimizes the delivery of paid advertising and content to the selected audience.

Computational linguistics

Placing the words in a specific order that transmits information and also emotion is an art. Writing requires not only knowledge of the rules of language, but also creativity. This process sounds simple, but when trying to generate it (and interpret it too) with Artificial Intelligence, its complexity is evident.

Computational linguistics is the field that mixes linguistics, computer science and artificial intelligence. It is responsible for perfecting the interactions between machines and human languages. Its objective is to develop systems capable of understanding human language and generating it. To achieve this, he uses text analysis, statistics and machine learning to understand the structure of sentences, intention, meaning, style, etc.

Its best-known applications are automatic language translation, information retrieval systems and automatic text production. The latter in turn has many applications. For example, generation of summaries from big data of companies.

Deep learning platforms (Deep learning)

It is one of the fastest growing areas in Artificial Intelligence. It uses multilevel algorithms to create different levels of information abstraction. Among its different applications are the recognition of images and voice; prediction of digital trends and process improvement.


This is one of the most tangible technologies within Artificial Intelligence. It is used to identify, measure and analyze the physical aspects of the body. As it is improved and specialized, it allows more natural interactions between humans and machines. It also has potential as a tool for medical diagnosis and as a level of security for accessing information on mobile devices.


Blockchain is a concept that has been projected as the next digital revolution. It became known when Bitcoin became known. However, it aims to affect the operation from cryptocurrencies to voting processes and digital security parameters.

In short, Blockchain is a decentralized database that records digital transactions. Instead of having a single administrator (like traditional databases), Blockchain is like a reservoir with a network of replicated and synchronized databases over the Internet. In this way, the information is accessible to those with permits within that network.

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