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Artificial Intelligence: 5 technologies for 2018

Artificial Intelligence: 5 technologies for 2018

What is the next step for Artificial Intelligence?

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is more common than we think. We find it in the assistants of our mobile devices, in Internet searches, in the optimization of systems such as traffic lights in cities.

Every day, more applications of this technology reach users. Also, every day advances in the development of more sophisticated Artificial Intelligence tools with impressive potential.

Then, from Funway Resort University Residence in Madrid, we show you those that will revolutionize 2018 thanks to its commercial and business applications.

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Student residence. Life changes you

 Student residence. Life changes you

Why does living in a Student Residence change your life?

Although it may sound like a cliché, the experience of living in a Student Residence marks a before and after in your life.

From Funway Resort University Residence of Madrid we explain it to you briefly

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Criteria for choosing a University Residence 2018

University Residence 2018

Choosing a University Residence is an important decision for the university future.

In a few months, everything has to be decided, watched and reserved. If you have chosen the option of going to live in a University Residence, from Funway Resort Students Residence in Madrid, we anticipate that it is a great advantage over other types of accommodation, and that is saving you many problems.

You have chosen the most comfortable option and that allows you to dedicate yourself completely to your student life. Now, you need to know how to choose a University Residence?

We give you a series of criteria to consider, using Funway Resort as an example.

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10 Reasons why study Architecture

10 Reasons why study Architecture

Many of those who enter the faculty of Architecture today, will be warned that when they finish their degree they will have to dedicate themselves to something else and that they are losing valuable years of their existence.

This vision, which has its point of reason, is anchored in the premise that, since there is little “architect work”, there is no point in studying Architecture.

Thus, it is important to qualify several aspects that make the statement not so clear. In fact, we can think of 10 reasons that challenge those who take crazy young students of architecture.

From Funway Resort we tell you 10 fantastic reasons for it!!!

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The most remunerated jobs

Do you know which are the most remunerated jobs?

Let’s admit it, we all like to arrive at the end of the month and value our work in the form of zeros. Especially if behind those zeros there are a lot of hours of study and sacrifice.

Everyone knows that the salary difference of our country with the rest of Europe is alarming and our salaries are generally between 15 and 20% lower than those of our European neighbors.

But we complain that we are privileged, we live in a warm, friendly, safe country, where we eat and drink like nowhere in the world, so in the ranking of the best paid we must also introduce into the equation, not just the zeros , but also the free hours in friendly places. Continue reading “The most remunerated jobs”

Student’s residence. How to be the Best

Student’s residence. How to be the Best

For a Student Residence to be the best, it must meet a series of requirements such as the integration of studies with personal development.

What is and how can a residence be the best Student Residence for personal development?

To be the Best Student Residence, we must take into account the environment and characteristics to offer and be able to fulfill a high performance in the studies, base of the philosophy of our residence Funway Resort Madrid University Residence, to this we must add the discipline, the order and education as values ​​to prioritize to achieve it, but they are not the only ingredients so that the academic formation is completed with a perfect personal formation.

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Notary, a profession with a future

Would you like to be a notary and do not know what this profession is?

Notaries are public officials of the state that prevent us from reaching the courts. They provide citizens with the legal security that the Constitution promises in its Article 9 in the field of extrajudicial legal traffic. Notaries also fight against money laundering and fraud.

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Life in a University Residence

Life in a University Residence

Life in a University Residence is key: in these years we leave behind the remains of adolescence that may remain, we assume responsibilities, an opening to the world takes place, we change, we mature.

They are intense, fun years, of discovery, of search, of growth.

This stage will mark the future of the person who is lucky enough to live it.

Each university student will face it in their own way, putting their cards in play, contrasting, absorbing, living.

There is no better or worse way, each one must discover and walk his own way.

Thanks to the experience, from Funway Resort Student Residence, we can recommend that at least one year be lived in a University Residence, preferably, the first one.

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The most demanded Professions in 2018

The most demanded Professions in 2018

The Professions most in demand are having an important evolution and in this 2018 it will be noticed.

From Funway Resort Student Residence in Madrid we give you some progress on how is the labor market and the evolution that will suffer.

Demand for professions

We will start this small trip for the professions most in demand, highlighting that the professions dedicated to the online world are on the rise.

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Student residence, good choice

Residence for students, good choice!

Residences for students are always going to present a series of improvements in relation to other forms of accommodation.

From Funway Resort University Residence of Madrid, we want to make it easier for you to choose your life and that you have some of the advantages of staying in a Residence for students.

Stay in a Residence for students.

Reasons Deciding how and where to pass the pre-labor life stage is a complicated choice that requires you to document.

You may find several options in the market, but without a doubt, the best will be to stay in a Residence for students

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