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Live in a University Residence. What you need to know

Live in a University Residence. What you need to know

Are you thinking about going to study abroad? Do you think that the best option is a University Residence but you have doubts?

From Funway Resort University Residence of Madrid, we give you the keys you need to make one of the most important decisions of your student life.

You have already convinced yourself that a University Residence is the most appropriate option: it offers you comfort and a conducive environment both for study and for meeting new people, but you must still make some decisions that will affect your day to day. These are:

Alone or accompanied?

It is one of the first questions that arise when living in a University Residence. If you prefer privacy, you will opt for a room of your own, although the shared room option provides you with company and, why not, support. If you choose to live alone, you can choose, depending on the space you need, between a normal single room, a large one, an individual attic or even a double room for individual use. All of them are equipped with heating, television, telephone, bathroom with shower, refrigerator, wifi internet connection and study area.

Cooking or full board?

Another great decision. If you have chosen to live in a University Residence, you will probably prefer to have the food ready on your plate when you arrive in class, but you never know! The same you have soul of kitchens and you dare to make your own recipes.

What does the University Residence offer me?

In Funway Resort we think that life is not just work, after the effort comes the well-deserved rest, and for that in our accommodation students have created multiple scenarios in which to relax, live or simply enjoy life: from taking a dip in summer in the rooftop pool, to burn adrenaline with a good workout in the gym or relax with a coffee by the fireplace in winter. Our concept of sustainable residence surrounded by greenery in the city will surprise you pleasantly.

Restaurant, Cooking Lounge, laundry, swimming pool, gym, game rooms, spa, parking, etc. These are some of the things you will find so that you can surrender 100% and enjoy your moments of relaxation in our University Residence

Come in and join us. You are at home.

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