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Study Social Education

Study Social Education

Social Education is an interdisciplinary career that receives relatively little attention in the lists of possibilities for students interested in society from the point of view of non-formal education and assistance.

The profile that emerges from studying a career as Social Education is mixed: they are professionals with a dense humanistic as well as technical training.

The work they can do combines planning sessions and pure and simple management with fieldwork that maintains contact with the object of study always updated.

If you are interested in Social Education from Funway Resort University Residence in Madrid we leave you some tips so you can decide for a degree as interesting as necessary in society.

What is a social educator?

In Social Education a social educator is defined as “an agent of social change, energizing social groups through educational strategies, which helps citizens understand and participate in their social, political, economic and cultural environment and to integrate properly.”

The tasks of a social educator are closely linked to the existence of a welfare state as a system of social organization.

In Social Education, social educators play an essential role in the integration of marginalized populations by social, health, gender, creed, etc. aspects.

A well-integrated society includes, of course, the guarantee of well-being for children and the elderly.

A social educator develops and implements work plans with these groups, from a non-regulated perspective (it is not about school education) and the empowerment of individuals as part of society.

What skills should a Social Education student have? What skills do you acquire?

A student of Social Education must have socio-educational concerns. with respect to individuals and groups, in order to achieve their personal and social development to ensure their inclusion and participation in society. For this, it is necessary:

  1. Possess an intellectual and humanistic maturity,
  2. That they are capable of acting responsibly and autonomously and with a critical spirit.
  3. That demonstrate initiative, ability to work in a team, creativity, flexibility, etc.
  4. Be aware of the importance of a democratic citizenship, with a responsible civic conscience.

Once the career of Social Education is completed, a graduate in social education will be able to:

  1. Identify socio-educational problems; diagnose complex situations
  2. Design, direct and coordinate programs, projects and activities of socio-educational intervention in diverse contexts of social participation and community development
  3. Manage and coordinate entities and equipment, according to the different contexts and needs
  4. Promote processes of cultural and social dynamization and mediate situations of risk and conflict

and. Design and implement evaluation processes of programs, agents, areas and strategies of socio-educational intervention; supervise centers, plans, programs and projects

  1. Prepare and interpret statistics, technical reports, research and evaluation on actions, processes and socio-educational results

What are the job opportunities in Social Education?

Traditionally, four areas of action for a social educator are distinguished:

Social services

Primary care

Childhood, adolescence and family at social risk

Adoptions and family welcome

People with disabilities; old people

Drug addiction

Mental health

Gender violence


Juvenile justice centers

Prison services

Sociocultural animation and education for leisure time

Youth, culture and leisure areas of different administrations, services and free time programs

Ludotecas, entities of leisure

Programs and services of community development and promotion of citizen participation

Services aimed at sociocultural promotion

Continuing education

Transition programs in active life, adult education

Occupational vocational training centers

services and orientation programs

reception and training of immigrant

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