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Notary, a profession with a future


Would you like to be a notary and do not know what this profession is?

Notaries are public officials of the state that prevent us from reaching the courts. They provide citizens with the legal security that the Constitution promises in its Article 9 in the field of extrajudicial legal traffic. Notaries also fight against money laundering and fraud.

In order to be a notary it is mandatory to have a law degree. Once the university degree has been acquired, it is compulsory to apply for specific competitions.

Who can appear to the oppositions?

Any person of legal age, who has completed a law degree and who does not have a criminal record due to falsehood in a public document, can take this examination. No cut note is required, this means that whatever the grade obtained during the race, this person will have access to said opposition.

Opposing is not an easy path, and these in particular are difficult and need many hours of study.

There are four exams, two oral and one written. The oral exams are valued by a court formed by notaries and people of great prestige within the field of Law. The written exam consists of a practical / legal case related to the topics studied. The fourth exam consists of a writing of a writing and a test of mathematics.

It is not easy to get to be a notary but with will and effort is achieved and sure it will have been worth it.

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