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Student’s residence. How to be the Best

Student’s residence. How to be the Best

For a Student Residence to be the best, it must meet a series of requirements such as the integration of studies with personal development.

What is and how can a residence be the best Student Residence for personal development?

To be the Best Student Residence, we must take into account the environment and characteristics to offer and be able to fulfill a high performance in the studies, base of the philosophy of our residence Funway Resort Madrid University Residence, to this we must add the discipline, the order and education as values ​​to prioritize to achieve it, but they are not the only ingredients so that the academic formation is completed with a perfect personal formation.

To do this, at Funway Resort Student Residence in Madrid we offer the perfect and appropriate environment so that everything is not in a striking slogan simply.

A coexistence where everyone adds up

In the Student Residence, it should not be understood as elites in the economic sense, but as elites in the intellectual sense. For this, personal enrichment is as important as academic enrichment, and for it to develop optimally, it must be accompanied by an environment where all those who are part of the residence add and contribute values.

An impeccable academic record is useless if it is not accompanied by adequate personal development

Some rules of coexistence, double rooms where integration is encouraged, spaces to share experiences and activities designed to complete the training are just some of the characteristics that make the Residencia de Estudiantes a residence that goes beyond the purpose of offering accommodation for students.

Dedication: key to achieving a personal development environment

 There is no point in proposing to get and offer the best environment of personal development if we do not show a full dedication to achieving this goal. For this, a good Student Residence has exclusive services so that our students can allocate as much time as possible and possible to their training tasks.

From full board meals, room cleaning and change of sheets and towels, transportation, leisure and relaxation in the same room, there are many facilities that are offered so that the student and their families do not worry about having to cover basic needs.

In short, a good Student Residence seeks the rest and comfort of all its students, but it wants to distinguish and highlight the rest of residences in offering as a plus all the tools that are available for the training, both academic and personal, not Start or end only in the classrooms of a University, but also continue where you live and where you live.

Come in and join us. You are at home.

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