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The most remunerated jobs


Do you know which are the most remunerated jobs?

Let’s admit it, we all like to arrive at the end of the month and value our work in the form of zeros. Especially if behind those zeros there are a lot of hours of study and sacrifice.

Everyone knows that the salary difference of our country with the rest of Europe is alarming and our salaries are generally between 15 and 20% lower than those of our European neighbors.

But we complain that we are privileged, we live in a warm, friendly, safe country, where we eat and drink like nowhere in the world, so in the ranking of the best paid we must also introduce into the equation, not just the zeros , but also the free hours in friendly places.

So paying attention to the money / free time equation

What are the best paid jobs in the country?


After some enormously difficult access tests, the reward comes, you work one day and you rest four. You can even change shifts and work two days in a row and get eight days off. It’s worth going to places where people flee and you have to swallow real cartoons, but the firemen live well.

In charge of the control tower of an airport

Free tickets to everyone, salary with zeros, free days, friendly destinations, everything is computerized, what else can life be asked?

Liberated union

For this you do not have to study a lot, just catch a megaphone and use it in all the manifestations of the company union. A little persistence, fists up and the position is yours. You will keep your salary and you will not have to go to work, some food with the party and some miting, little else.

Municipal police

Of all the bodies of the state is the best paid, if you put the thing very brave your mission will be to get safe and call the National Police or the Civil Guard. The day to day is to control traffic and not park where you should not.

Hotel critic

Spanish travel agencies, before selling a luxury hotel trip in a place as remote as Thailand, Vietnam, or Mauritius, send a hotel reviewer to make sure the hot tubs work, the caviar is well served and the views from the bed of the cabin are what are expected of a super luxury hotel on a desert island.

That’s how hard life is for many.

Come in and join us. You are at home.

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