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10 Reasons why study Architecture

10 Reasons why study Architecture

Many of those who enter the faculty of Architecture today, will be warned that when they finish their degree they will have to dedicate themselves to something else and that they are losing valuable years of their existence.

This vision, which has its point of reason, is anchored in the premise that, since there is little “architect work”, there is no point in studying Architecture.

Thus, it is important to qualify several aspects that make the statement not so clear. In fact, we can think of 10 reasons that challenge those who take crazy young students of architecture.

From Funway Resort we tell you 10 fantastic reasons for it!!!

There they go!

  1. Architecture is a service

Architecture, in its essence, is an act of service, and as such must be alien to other types of circumstances.

The problem is that, on the one hand, the architects, in many cases, have been the executing hand of the real-estate nonsense and that, on the other hand, we have not bothered to communicate with society. Many people think that, more than being a profession of service, we have been at the service of capital.

  1. Architects are necessary.

Architecture is more important than it seems and, although architects do not necessarily have to do it, in most cases we are the best trained for it.

  1. See life with the eyes of an architect

We are convinced of being architects we see the world differently (better?) Than the rest of mortals. This although it sounds pedantic or arrogant, is a reality that, at least, has made us enjoy like crazy.

  1. Rehabilitation needs us

That is not built much, does not mean that architects or architecture are not needed

On the one hand, it is true that in many countries the new building has suffered a dry stop, but not all; Therefore, even if you form yourself in Spain, it does not mean that you can only build here.

  1. The periphery of Architecture is also Architecture

Once finished the career of Architecture, although, generally, the student has not been told that there is a world beyond projecting museums, the reality is that the periphery of architecture is very large and there are possibilities to be an architect in it.

Does this mean that we have to give up projecting Architecture? of course not; we only say that, when we do other types of jobs, we do not stop being architects.

  1. Creativity to power

Society, beyond architecture itself, increasingly needs more professionals who are creative and have a good transversal vision of the processes.

  1. Where are the architects when talking about smart cities?

The world in which we live increasingly needs to act with criteria of sustainability. This can be applied to almost all sectors, but it is especially necessary when we talk about our cities. However, the world of Smart Cities is being totally controlled by large companies that now want to pass themselves off as sustainable. They pull engineers of all kinds and it seems that architects do not have us very present

  1. Two for one

Although our faculties are very improvable, and we have written many times (see here), training, at least in Spain, is good.

Maybe there are too many schools and not all are equally necessary, it can be; but, the reality is that those who have finished the Architecture degree in Spain, have a training that is very complete because the technical part has much more weight than in other countries. If this two by one, had its reflection on a legal – administrative level it would be the bomb!

  1. Continuous training

No matter how much we learn in an Architecture faculty, it will be, once we leave the classrooms, when our real training begins to be an architect.

This learning, luckily or unfortunately, will last our whole life and we will always have to be catching up. Today, more than ever, learning must be very attentive to collaborative processes and to everything that the New Digital Age is teaching us.

  1. Architecture as a vocation

Finally, and linking with the beginning of the post, it is true that Architecture has a vocation for service, but what should not be forgotten is that it is a vocational career. There are times when being an architect comes almost inscribed in our DNA; others who, faced with their professional future, this vocation is present and there will be many logical arguments that make you look the other way.

In any case, when vocation and service come together, there is a good chance that, despite everything, we will do well.

As we see, there are many strengths that, when we finish believing them, will make us necessary in other sectors, even far from Architecture.

Come in and join us. You are at home.

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