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Criteria for choosing a University Residence 2018

University Residence 2018

Choosing a University Residence is an important decision for the university future.

In a few months, everything has to be decided, watched and reserved. If you have chosen the option of going to live in a University Residence, from Funway Resort Students Residence in Madrid, we anticipate that it is a great advantage over other types of accommodation, and that is saving you many problems.

You have chosen the most comfortable option and that allows you to dedicate yourself completely to your student life. Now, you need to know how to choose a University Residence?

We give you a series of criteria to consider, using Funway Resort as an example.

 Criteria to choose your University Residence

When you are looking for a University Residence for university students, your choice should go beyond the price of the residence, think about where you will spend the most time, not only sleep, but also study, eat and, surely, make your first friends. .

What are the conditions that you need to have a complete university life?

Rate the distance and transport to the University. A University Residence has to be as close as possible to the place of study, so you can come and go according to your schedule without losing time, going to rest between hours or not being late if you wake up in a hurry.

It is very important that you have restaurant service with good food and not have to be eating and spending out. In addition, as a student your body needs a balanced diet to be able to perform in classes, do work, study, dedicate time to leisure and friends, sports and thousands of activities that involve university life.

One of the criteria for choosing University Residence, without a doubt, is that you have the option of forgetting the kitchen, but without stopping having a healthy food routine.

The option to forget the kitchen, but without stopping having a healthy food routine.

Take into account the equipment of the University Residence Hall. It is necessary that you offer study tools at your fingertips like Internet, computers and study spaces.

Think about the facilities, everything you can do without leaving the residence allows you more time to have a fuller university life.

In Funway Resort University Residence of Madrid, if you want you have everything included.

Come in and join us. You are at home.

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