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Life in a University Residence

Life in a University Residence

Life in a University Residence is key: in these years we leave behind the remains of adolescence that may remain, we assume responsibilities, an opening to the world takes place, we change, we mature.

They are intense, fun years, of discovery, of search, of growth.

This stage will mark the future of the person who is lucky enough to live it.

Each university student will face it in their own way, putting their cards in play, contrasting, absorbing, living.

There is no better or worse way, each one must discover and walk his own way.

Thanks to the experience, from Funway Resort Student Residence, we can recommend that at least one year be lived in a University Residence, preferably, the first one.

Why this recommendation of a University Residence?

In a University Residence you will live with people from very different backgrounds, ways of thinking, knowledge, tastes and customs.

And this enriches, much more than going to live in a flat shared with your friend the town, or with a stranger or two.

In the University Residence, although every day is different, there are certain routines that remain, that are repeated, lived once and a thousand times by thousands of university students.

For example: you get up, and go to breakfast in the dining room.

There you meet other residents, maybe even one of them is also your classmate. At breakfast there is nothing missing, and you will not have to worry about replacing the cereals, to see if there is milk left for the next day, or to buy fresh fruit.

You go to class. It is very possible that you go accompanied from the residence, by other students who go to your same faculty or to another nearby one. You comment on the play: moves of the race, the mythical cold of winter, the next party …

After class, return to eat at the University Residence.

You leave things in your room and go down to the dining room, on your own or in a group. Now you are going to meet a lot of students: pure life. The food is hot, there are dishes to choose from, and you do not have to worry about anything else, just enjoying the food.

And to talk with colleagues, of course.

In the afternoon, you will probably have to do some group work. If your residence allows it, your companions will come and you can meet in a room, without having to go to libraries or other places.

You can relax in your room, on your own, or share time with other residents. You will not be friends with everyone, it is impossible, but you will always find those people with whom you connect perfectly.

You can meet in a room, or in the TV room, or in the games, or take a walk …

Dinner time marks the end of the day, and at night it will cost you to give the day finished: you talk to each other, you finish tasks, you prepare for the next day.

And at night … how many conversations at dawn, how many nights to share, to talk, to listen, to learn …! You no longer live with your parents, they will not tell you that it is time to sleep, so you will have to decide what is the time to go to bed, to rest and be ready for a new day.

Hard days will come, hard, overwhelming, in which you will think that it is impossible to pass this or that exam or deliver the work on time.

In those days you will especially appreciate living with more people, having companions who will support you, and who also need you. Yes, when you live in a University Residence, you are important to others.

Living in a University Residence enriches you, takes away problems, gives you more free time, makes you grow.

Enjoy it, it’s a privilege!

Come in and join us. You are at home.

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