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The most demanded Professions in 2018

The most demanded Professions in 2018

The Professions most in demand are having an important evolution and in this 2018 it will be noticed.

From Funway Resort Student Residence in Madrid we give you some progress on how is the labor market and the evolution that will suffer.

Demand for professions

We will start this small trip for the professions most in demand, highlighting that the professions dedicated to the online world are on the rise.

1 Head of systems.

Their tasks are to manage administratively and technically, the activities of the data processing area of ​​the company, selecting the software and hardware that will be used in the company’s activities, as well as organizing the personnel working in the IT department.

2.Online Marketing Director.

The specialists in contracts in Web advertising and in launching online advertising campaigns, are becoming a fundamental and strategic position in many companies.

3.Internet specialist lawyer.

One of the professions most in demand will be the specialized lawyers on the Internet. In a country where there is no Electronic Commerce Law and computer law is just beginning to take shape, those who specialize in the Internet will have an interesting career ahead.

4.Community Manager,

One of the professions that has become fashionable for some years is that of Community Manager, and that among many other things, is to maintain a clear and fluid communication with the community of followers and customers of our company through networks social.

4.1 Social Media Manager.

The Social Media Manager is responsible for the strategic communication of the company, and is above the Community Manager, performing an analytical work, creating and controlling the strategy, and research.

5.Expert in Web Analytics.

It will be useless to have the best content if companies do not have a Web analytics expert to analyze the data and audiences of our campaigns and thus improve our positioning and the effectiveness of our actions.

6.Information architect.

Another of the key professions to look for employment will be the information architect, or what is the same, the experts responsible for the organization and structure of a company website in order to improve usability and accessibility.

7.Product Manager.

One of the most booming professions. The job of this professional is to identify new opportunities, trends or problems to develop successful products, making sales projections and working hand in hand with commercial teams to improve sales.

8.The SEM Specialist

One of the professions that is also in this particular ranking. It is the expert who makes marketing in the search engines, ensuring that our website appears in search results or browsing, thanks to the appropriate strategy of payment for advertising in online media.

 9.The SEO Specialist, (Search Engine Optimization)

A business consultant who can help a company increase its presence on the Web so that it can reach more potential customers. It is one of the professions that will evaluate the current position of the company on the Internet, paying special attention to the search results.

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