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What is procrastinating?

At the time of preparing some subjects of studies, the normal thing and the most reasonable thing is to know what we have to do, to do it in a gradual way so that little by little we can accelerate and finish with a last big push and be able to overcome the goals of a Staggered and efficient way. Three simple steps, the first requires very little effort, in the second we are ready and the effort is a little greater, to finish in a third stage where we give everything, who can say that this is not a good idea? is logical, and is a plan that we all do, but what often happens is that the first part of the plan, to be simple leave a little aside for the second stage, the second does not meet, for any reason and You see yourself at the end of the course with a mountain of papers that scares you. That is procrastinate

It is not something that should scare you, because it is something very common to a greater or lesser extent but what it is does not let you get the best out of you.

Tips to stop procrastinate

Make your bed every day

Make your own bed every day, get to face the day with a first victory against procasting. It seems like a mother’s advice but it really works, mentally it is changing something inside of you.

Make lists

On a sheet write your tasks of the week, and see them one by one as you do, it is a rush to arrive on Friday and see that you have crossed out, it will make you feel good and you will enjoy the weekend with everything fulfilled. There is no color in having fun with everything done knowing that you have to do things.

Eat healthy

Not only eat healthy, cook, go shopping, our food says a lot about us, if you eat healthy you will feel better, that will make you have more energy and fulfill your goals in a much more comfortable way.






Sport sports is, as usual, the best therapy for our problems of procrastination, the perseverance of the athlete makes our problems of procrastination disappear and make us a methodological person.


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