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Second University Career

Study a second University Career

If you have finished your career, if you have gone to work, if in less than two months you feel as if the world has fallen on you, you feel old, counting the days for your retirement and you are less than thirty, you begin to feel that everything is over, you dress in gray, with gray ties and look around you thinking “what have I done ?”, Do not worry, you have all the symptoms of wanting to study another totally different university career.

Advantages of studying a second University Career

You take a weight off

Maybe the first career you studied was not your true vocation, many times you study to please your parents or for the simple fact that you thought that with those studies you would have more work, but when going to work every day You find happiness. Admitting that you were wrong is a big step, giant, so liberating that it will seem that you have taken that truck off you had every morning.

You will move by a vocation

Seconds out, what they say in boxing, going back to school is something wonderful because you dedicate yourself one hundred percent to your true vocation, you may raise your academic level without noticing, and what is certain is that you will have a smile from ear to ear every morning because you will dedicate yourself to what you really like.

You can take advantage of past knowledge

Although you studied a career that did not fill you too much, it is still a career, something will work for you, some subjects may coincide, maybe not, but taking advantage of past knowledge for whatever will be a reality, because no career falls in a broken sack, you’ll see how.

It will be great in your cv

Thus, when you fill in your resume will be a point in your favor, the reader will see two races, and although it seems a minor thing, it really impresses to have someone who has had the courage to study a career and more value still to realize that it was not his thing and study one more career. That is admirable.







So don´t come down if you have thought of studying another career and change business, remember, is your life and with it you can surprise others in the way you like.


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