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8 Tips for universities to prepare students for job search

8 Tips for universities to prepare students for job search

It is true that many universities do not have vocational training spaces for students. Most young people are unaware of the best way to tackle the job search process once they graduate.

What is real is how important it is to acquire a job training before finishing the University, this will facilitate the job search.

If you are about to get your university degree and you see that the time is coming to face the job search, the one that you have heard so many times but it is true that you know very little about how to face it.

At Funway Resort we are going to propose 8 ways in which institutions can collaborate to facilitate job search for their students. It is a process that requires patience and universities should prepare students to face that stage.

8 Tips

  1. Hire qualified staff in the centers.

Hire people who know what recruiters are looking for and can recommend them.

  1. Be updated.

Be the last in the needs of companies, at the time of writing the curriculum and other tips

  1. Teach students how to make contacts.

Teach students how to get their own networking or networking.

  1. Help students understand that a degree will not guarantee them a job.

The title is not the free pass to the labor market is only a minimum formation

  1. Teach students to evaluate a job.

Before accepting a vacancy, they must evaluate the company culture, what they will do, and the financial stability of the company.

  1. Begin to talk about careers before graduation.

Many opt for a certain career without knowing what they will work once graduates and for this they are frustrated.

  1. Teach students how the staffing process is.

This will allow them to avoid very frequent mistakes in their Curriculum Vitae

  1. Explain the importance of working while you study.

Students who can quote on their CV that worked, will position themselves better than those who can only cite their studies and extracurricular

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