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Cybersecurity, cyberattack. Two words we hear practically every day, but the vast majority of us do not come to understand those terms.

It is a phenomenon, in a way, recent.

So we should start by knowing the basic definitions of cybersecurity, so we can know exactly what we are talking about.

From Funway Resort University residence, we want to give you a little bit of information about this term so used lately.

Cybersecurity is Information Security as the protection of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

– As confidential we can understand that it is the property that counts the information that is not available to any person or is disclosed.

– Integrity can be defined as the property of preserving the accuracy and complexity of information assets.

– While by availability we understand that it is the property of being accessible and usable to anyone who requests them.

The definition of cybersecurity is not much different from that of Information Security. The definition of Information Security is that cybersecurity must be free from potential dangers or damages that are caused by unwanted interruptions, server crashes or ICT abuses.

The damage that can be caused by the abuse, interruption or fall of the services must be constituted by a limitation of the availability and reliability of the ICT, a failure of the confidentiality of the information stored in the TIC or damage generated In the integrity of such information.

Information Security against cybersecurity

Although we do not have an official position on the differences between Information Security and cybersecurity, we can give it our own interpretation:

Cybersecurity is 95% Information Security, the only difference is that the IS includes security in all non-digital media, ie, cybersecurity focuses only on information in digital format. Non-digital media today is a small proportion of the total amount of information available.

Information Security and cybersecurity are used interchangeably, as synonyms. Cybersecurity is a term most commonly used in US government circles, while Information Security is used much more in banks and organizations that are related to health.

The highlights of the terms Information Security and cybersecurity can be used interchangeably and will not make any mistakes.

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