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The Main Risks for Business Continuity

The Main Risks for Business Continuity

It is possible to define as business continuity the strategic and tactical capacity of the company to be able to plan and execute the possible responses to incidents and interruptions in the business in order to allow the continuity of commercial activities at a very acceptable level that has been Previously defined.

From Funway we want to give you some brief tips so that you know to analyze the risks that can suffer the continuity of business.

In an increasingly demanding environment, companies can not afford to suffer major disruptions in their production chain or business line.

Key threats to business continuity

There are other areas that are susceptible to problems that can compromise the normalized and fluid activity of companies.

It is considered that there are 10 big areas of danger for the business:

  1. Unplanned interruptions in IT and telecommunications.
  2. Cyber ​​attacks.
  3. Data gaps.
  4. Poor weather conditions.
  5. Interruption of mains supply.
  6. Fire.
  7. Security incidents.
  8. Health and safety incidents.
  9. Acts of terrorism.
  10. New laws or regulations.

Framed in some of these areas, we find a series of frequent and recurring danger situations:

  • Poor control of access to computer systems.
  • Existence of web vulnerabilities.
  • Lack of training and awareness among workers.
  • Management processes for ineffective or poorly presented security incidents.
  • Problems of adaptation to regulatory and regulatory changes.
  • No or insufficient control of access to the network of internal users and third parties, such as providers or guests to the corporate network.
  • Information leaks.
  • Existence of vulnerabilities in information filters that provoke fraud and theft of information.
  • Use of unsafe software.
  • Lack of planning in business continuity.

What to do in a crisis situation?

A generic scheme of steps to execute once the issue has occurred can be as follows:

  1. Restitution of assets, supplies and environment.
  2. Starting systems and services.
  3. Testing of the restored systems.
  4. Start-up.
  5. Withdrawal of backup plans.
  6. Registration of the actions and their results.

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