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The Labor Ambition.

The Labor Ambition.

Labor ambition, a value that changes

At Funway Resort we have contacted a number of experts and we have come to the conclusion that all of them believe that we have to recover the concept as a quality of the leader, but free of selfish and personalistic connotations that affect the person in his personal life.

Ambition is the burning desire for power, riches, dignity, or fame.

Translated into the workplace, the language of business, we can say that ambition is the essential ingredient that transforms a simple idea into a big business, although on the other hand it can also dethrone an empire or transform a family of immigrants who open a business to Survive in a financial dynasty.

With this we see that ambition can be either excellently good, or excellently bad.

Characteristics of Ambition

For ambition to work the miracle has to have two essential characteristics:

Practice: You have to be able to lead from the yearning to the realization.

Community: It should not only seek the personal good but the collective good, that is, the good of the company.

Sometimes we find that ambition fights against external pressure, sometimes it is so strong that it manages to turn ambition into survival.

In the 1980s, a kind of ambition was promoted, personalistic, based solely on promotion and making money. This craving for power has its costs and is not sustained in solid cements

Still today ambition has negative connotations, being considered by many as the germ of personal and family crises and diseases, such as depression, increasingly related to work stress.

But we can say that there has been an important cultural step, with a much more systemic vision, that makes the ambitious executive or worker count on a less individualistic perspective, in which he not only counts his decision or his action to ascend, but How it affects the business, other people and other areas of your life.

Well it is true, that in many companies you will find that not only counts only what one proposes, but also what is required.

In any case, the term has been ridden over many years of many shadows and recovered as a ‘basic component of personal and organizational leadership. Today what is increasingly evaluated and valued more among executives is that they have an ambition that makes them able to give their best to get more out of others.

The humility of the executives is an upward value, related to a type of ‘server leadership’, that is the one that interests the companies the most.

Ambition moves us and directs us, it is nothing more than the act of wanting, of wanting something with clarity and energy.

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