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New Job Sites

New Job Sites

After a study, the new professional profiles are leaning toward services to dependent people, ecology and environment and new technologies applied to digital marketing.

From Funway Resort, University Residence, we anticipate that the new job sites respond to new needs of the society that are not being covered with the existing professional profiles.

That is why they are a great opportunity to achieve employment with prospects for the future.

Usually they are jobs that require a specialization, reason why it is fundamental to be formed with foresight, based on estimates of the possible demand of these new profiles in the labor market.

In what sectors are the new sources of employment?

According to different reports of the labor market in Spain, the new employment fields are basically related to three axes of activity:

1. On the one hand, services that have to do with the progressive aging of the population.
2. In another order, services related to the need to safeguard the environment, and to the growing culture of reuse and ecological values.
3. Finally, the new technologies applied to digital marketing have become a cross-sector which covers almost 100% of the activity sectors.

What will be the most demanded professional profiles?

Taking into account the emerging sectors mentioned above, some of the professions with the most professional output will be:
1. Services related to the aging of the population:
• Caretaker or home attendant
• Delivery
• Home care assistant
• Social-health care and social institutions.
2. Services relating to the protection of the environment:
• Environmental health technician
• Technician of natural spaces
• Sustainability Coordinator
• Climate change advisor
3. New technologies applied to digital marketing:
• Specialist in positioning in search engines (SEO and SEM Programmers)
• Expert in Digital Marketing
• Cloud Computing Specialist
• Digital content manager

So, if you are both looking for a job and wanting to improve your job future, the first thing you would have to do to take advantage of these job sites is to adapt your resume to them, forming you in a specialized way.

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