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The easiest and the most difficult oppositions

The easiest and the most difficult oppositions

In this 2017 administrations have open enrollment for more than 10,000 places of official

What we can say is that we are facing the greatest supply of public employment since the crisis began.

From Funway Resort Residencia de Estudiantes we want to inform you about the current situation in these competitions in which you can already aim.

In the next three years, some 300,000 official positions will be held.

But that will happen once the Budgets of 2017 are approved. For now, the interested ones can appear to the almost 140 oppositions whose term of registration is open from until the 30 of June. They include more than 10,000 seats for state administrations, autonomous communities and local agencies, according to the search engine that the Government has enabled on the Internet.

The complexity of the oppositions

The starting point for measuring the complexity of the oppositions is determined by the group or work scale chosen: A, B or C. For each one of them, specific qualifications are required, from compulsory secondary education (ESO) and Bachelor ( C2 and C1, respectively), passing the title of technical superior (B) to graduates and graduates (A2 and A1). Although things are not there because, on an equal work scale, both the agenda and the type of evidence of the oppositions can trigger the difficulty or limit it.

Teacher exams are among the simplest. The same as the civil guard

At this moment, the forces and security forces of the State are the ones that offer a greater number of places. Basic police officers (3,201), troop and seamen soldiers (2,000), and civil guards and guards (1,801). Police officers require Bachelor’s or Secondary Vocational Training, while military personnel and civil guards serve ESO.

Teaching is the second great dispenser of public employment places. The competitions already called and open enrollment period are for teaching assistants (33 places), teachers (1,842), teachers of Vocational Training (80) and Secondary (540). Here the auxiliaries will have the easier tests.

The sanitary branch is the third with greater offer of public employment. From nurses, physiotherapists, emergency doctors, specialists, pediatricians, forensics to pharmacists and veterinarians. There are more than 400 places available.

In the area of ​​Justice there are places called for lawyers and for graduates, also required for other areas of the Administration. Together with librarians and technicians, they concentrate the bulk of the current available supply. Oppositions to counsel are less affordable than the rest, unlike those of the technicians. Groups with a lower level of qualification face two or three examinations, while the higher level groups do four or five.

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