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The easiest and the most difficult oppositions

The easiest and the most difficult oppositions

In this 2017 administrations have open enrollment for more than 10,000 places of official

What we can say is that we are facing the greatest supply of public employment since the crisis began.

From Funway Resort Residencia de Estudiantes we want to inform you about the current situation in these competitions in which you can already aim.

In the next three years, some 300,000 official positions will be held.

But that will happen once the Budgets of 2017 are approved. For now, the interested ones can appear to the almost 140 oppositions whose term of registration is open from until the 30 of June. They include more than 10,000 seats for state administrations, autonomous communities and local agencies, according to the search engine that the Government has enabled on the Internet.

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