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Changes in the Labor Market

Changes in the Labor Market

Today it is difficult to guess what will happen in the short term in the labor market.

From a time to this part we have been surprised to see like professions like architects, engineers, etc. they live a constant uncertainty.

Stoppage or departure abroad are shown as escape routes. For this reason, from the student residence Funway Resort we want to guide you on how the future will be presented, and of course, if what you are going to do is come to Madrid, what better place to stay than our student residence Funway Resort

The professions with the most demand in the near future

It seems impossible to determine which are the professions that will have more demand in the future. The experts have something clear: we should not assume that the highest-level professions of our day will be the best paid in X years. Times are changing, and increasingly fast, but there are established trends, such as the aging of the population, the advance of nanotechnology or the expected boom of the knowledge society, which will bring new professions.

One thing we should be clear about is that employment as a durable post is very likely to disappear. The work will probably be linked to concrete projects and mobility may become an indispensable requirement.

People who know how to work together and understand the needs of other branches will most likely triumph.

These are some of the professions that will most likely be strong in a few years:

– Local farmer

– Personal Medical Assistant

– Professional representative

– Recycling Engineer

– Nano-technician and nano-doctor

– Software Developer

– Online Volunteer Manager

– Digital Master

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