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New technologies 2017

Know the new technologies

We really do not expect revolutionary breakthroughs for this 2017, but it’s going to be a deepening of the technologies we’ve been waiting for for several years.

Last year has left us very clear trends in the technology market, this 2017 will be known advances that will arrive throughout the year and, without being revolutionaries, will improve all those devices that we use in our day to day. And that is where they come into play supporting new trends, making clear their consolidation and giving it some maturity.

If you have decided to venture into the future from Funway Resort Madrid university residence, we want to keep abreast of what is being cooked in the technology market.

Wireless Technologies

An inseparable part of our day to day is wireless technology, we use it on a daily basis almost without realizing it, for many it has not yet reached its full potential or pose a bottleneck in many situations. The main protagonist of this 2017 will be the Bluetooth 5.0, with double speed and an improvement in data transmission capacity of 800% compared to Bluetooth 4.2, currently spread throughout the mobile market.

Many will ask … If Wi-Fi already exists, what Bluetooth?

Well, let’s give you a simple answer, the continued energy consumption with Wi-Fi is much higher than that of Bluetooth, despite advances such as passive Wi-Fi, and for the Internet of Things, despite new standards such as Wi-Fi HaLow, there is no color. With Bluetooth 5.0 solve your problems of speed for which it is no longer an ideal solution for sharing Internet between devices. It will be one of the protagonists of this 2017 that you can not miss.

On the other hand, the Wi-Fi Alliance leaves us the new WiGig or Wi-Fi 802.11ad, designed especially for contexts without obstacles with the devices close to each other, you can transmit 4K contents between a television and a nearby router, For shipments with Wi-Fi Direct just to the Bluetooth mode, with shipments of 1GB in 3 seconds or series in 4K in 30 seconds.

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