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Factors that damage memory.

Factors that damage memory

Drinking sugary drinks, smoking, drinking alcohol, poor diet or stress are some of the declared enemies of your brain, many experts say.

According to an article published by Lind Melone in Health, the founder of the NeurExpand Brain Center in the United States, explained that there are many aspects that can affect our memory, one of the best known and that we all know is over the years, But this is not the only

The lack of sleep … something that will not happen in our student residence Madrid, as our facilities are perfectly equipped to provide you a peaceful rest.

According to the director of New York Neurology & Sleep Medicine, while a part of the brain is asleep the deeper areas involved with memory become relatively active. People who are suffering from sleep deprivation disorders suffer from memory impairment.

What are the factors?

Smoking, something that if you smoke only you must leave, we at Funway Resort can help you by providing adequate facilities in our university residence of Madrid to release that anxiety produced by the lack of tobacco.

This act damages the brain and also alters blood supply, a study conducted a few years ago and published in the journal Archives of General Psychiatry found a faster decline of the brain in people who were smokers compared to nonsmokers.

Stress, harmful to health in general and something that you will control in our student residence Funway Resort, as we have a lot of facilities to combat stress and provide a pleasant feeling of continuous well-being

Stress hormones influence an area of ​​the brain that controls the memory of work, meaning that stress reduces the part of the brain that is connected to the thought process.

Anxiety and depression, the so-called diseases of S XXI

Anxiety and bipolar disorder affect the neural circuits involved in the development and recovery of memories.

These are not the only factors that can affect memory. One study indicated that poor nutrition, where few nutrients are found, but whether fats and sugars are related to decreased function and brain activity.

At Funway Resort Madrid university residence we put all the necessary means so that this does not happen to you, since our residence is endowed with all the necessary comforts so that you obtain adequate performance and in daily activity.

Come in and join us. You are at home.

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