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Distance University Degree

Are you thinking about studying a distance university degree?

There are people that want to study a university career but don´t have the time to attend in-person universities but they really need to study a degree.

Nowadays that’s not a problem, since if you really want to graduate and train to get a better professional future from Funway we recommend the modalities at a distance.

Advantages of studying a distance degree


Studying from a distance will give you the possibility of being able to organize yourself at the time that best suits you. You will be free to put your own study schedules. If you are a parent or you are working this option was perfect for you.

More economical

Distance learning will always be cheaper. You will save on transportation costs and you will not have to pay the percentage equivalent to the cost of university equipment and the expenses of the facilities.

Variety of curriculum

In ancient times there was not much variety of programs. Currently there are numerous variety of studies since almost all public and private universities have the possibility of studying one of their distance programs.

More personalized teaching

This type of university career has quality teaching staff. Several tutors will answer all the doubts of the student and will be pending of each student.

Great satisfaction and motivation

Studying at a distance is more difficult than doing it face-to-face since you have to have a great capacity for organization and responsibility. This effort will make your level of satisfaction much higher.

You don´t have any excuse if you really want to study a university degree, you already have the best option: university distance learning.

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