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Master and motivation letter

Do you know how to write a motivation letter?

Today from Funway we explain the steps to write a letter of motivation. To be accepted in a master, not only do you need to have a good academic record or know languages, you have to stand out above all others.

Most business schools have limited places so we recommend that in this letter of recommendation transmit everything that you can not reflect in a curriculum and that really makes you stand out over the rest.

Tips for writing a letter of motivation

Write an exclusive and personal letter

If you are applying for different business schools or universities do not forget to write different letters. Make it exclusive and personal, surely you have more options to choose you as a candidate.

Summarize everything related to your academic record and experience professional

It is very important that you explain your academic background and summarize your professional experience. The members who are in charge of selecting the candidates will want to know if your studies are related to the master and will need to check if you are that type of student who will make the most of the program.

Collect your motivations to apply for the master

It is essential that you explain the motivations you have to carry out this type of program. Write the reason for your letter in a different and original way. We advise you to be creative to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Explain the reasons why you decided to do the master with that entity

They will love to know why you have decided for them. Explain the advantages you think you have as an organization and the importance of the content of the program.

Explain why you are one of the best candidates

This is the time to differentiate yourself from the other candidates, explain why you are one of the best. Present your knowledge, skills, abilities. Provide your experience and why you want to receive this type of training

Check your spelling and watch the presentation

As you already know a good presentation and the care of the spelling is fundamental at the time of writing. Doing it right will give you an edge over the rest.

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