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Oral Exam

Do you have an oral exam and don´t know how to successfully overcome it?

Oral exams cause fear in many students. You do not necessarily have to be afraid of the stage to get nervous about such a test.

Most students feel more secure doing a written test and is that the fear of forgetting everything studied when speaking to members of the examination committee makes anyone nervous.

Today from Funway we give you some tips to successfully pass the exam.

Oral exam tips:

Master the subject studied

The more prepared you have the subject for the easier examination you will be told to the jury. Having knowledge and understanding of what you are talking about will be the key to making it perfect

Practice the agenda with other people

It is the best way to break the fear of public speaking. The more you try it the more natural and fluid you will do on the day of the exam.

Study aloud

And if you do it in front of a mirror, it will be better. You will get used to listening to your voice and will allow you to correct unnecessary postures or gestures.

Don´t memorize

If you learn the subject of memory it will be easier than forgetting a situation of stress. If you understand what you have studied in case of being blocked you will find it easier to explain it with your words.

Make diagrams of each theme

Making outlines of each topic will help you remember what you have studied. In some exams they allow to have a paper with the scheme to not forget anything of the agenda.

Use someone for reference

Look for the look of that person who conveys confidence. It is a very used and very effective trick. Looking into that person’s eyes will make you focus more and forget the rest.

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