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Master or postgraduate?

Master or postgraduate? Do you know the benefits?

You finish the university career and you want to continue training but you don´t know what the best option. To do a master or postgraduate program are two good options. What do you prefer, Master or postgraduate?

Today from Funway we explain the benefits of each one of them. Surely this decision helps you to face your future professional much more prepared than the rest.

Benefits Master or postgraduate program

Better professional possibility

Today the better prepared you are. Most companies take into account if in addition to the university degree you have complementary studies.

Increase Networking

You will create a network of contacts that will serve you in the future when looking for work. You never know where or with whom you will end up working.


Both a master and a postgraduate are very practical and specific training types so when you finish you will have obtained very good knowledge about your profession.

Best Wages

By having one of these two qualifications your qualification will be greater so you can negotiate better salary conditions.

Management Skills

In this type of programs you learn a lot about management skills. There are specific topics that teach you how to manage and manage management positions.

Access to employment grants

One of the advantages of this type of qualification is the possibility of entering job boards. Most business schools and universities have agreements with the most important companies in each sector.

Work practices

If you still do not have professional experience, the practices offered by the masters and postgraduates will help you learn about your profession and have some experience when it comes to the job market.

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