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Official Master

Do you know what an Official Master consists of?

Many are those who finish the degree and want to continue studing. There are some who opt to study some type of specific course, others focus on research and dare with a doctorate and others want to train in specific subjects and decide to do a Master.

The master’s studies offer training oriented to a professional specialization and usually have a minimum of 60 credits equivalent to one or two academic years, depending on the hours per week in which they are divided.

Most official masters give you different options when making them. You can choose to do it face-to-face or online. Either will be a good alternative.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, so from Funway we recommend that before making any decision, be clear your objective, which of the two fits better to your way of life and what time availability you have. I’m sure you’ll get it for sure.

According to the Ministry of Education it is possible to distinguish between several types of master:


This type of master is totally oriented to people who want to obtain a greater formation at professional level.


They are usually aimed at all those who want to be trained in the professional field and in the field of research.


They are aimed at those who want to be trained in the field of research.


They are those related to everything that refers to the exercise of regulated professions.

Each master can consist of totally different specialties. There are master’s degrees in Science, Technology, Health Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences …

From Funway we always support any initiative to continue developing skills and competencies for work practice.

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