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Student Accommodation or College?

Don´t know yet the difference between Student Accommodation or College?

The time comes when you are going to live in another city and you have to say where to live. Student Accommodation or College? Today from Funway we explained you the differences. Take note especially if in the coming months you have to decide

Student Accommodation are like a sort of hotel for students. Normally and depending on the quality of the same in addition to a place to sleep the residence can offer other services such as food, laundry service, parking …

The Colleges are usually dependencies of the own universities that besides accommodation, offer academic, religious or cultural activities.

Main differences between Student Accommodation or College:


It’s usually harder to get into a college, many of them have to start looking pretty early because they have limited access and have to interview you to see if your profile is appropriate with their lifestyle and established standards.


Student Accommodation are usually cheaper, unless you opt for a luxury that will make the price a little higher.


In a Student Accommodation do not have arrival time in the evenings and can choose what time to eat. Generally, high schools have a curfew. There is more control by the student.


Almost all of the Colleges usually belong to religious communities and are therefore stricter regarding the behavior and moral values ​​of the student in question.

Mixed, female or male

Currently there are mixed schools but usually are divided for girls or boys. They are usually female or exclusively male.

Now that you know the differences between one and the other, you with which you stay?

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