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Requirements to obtain allowances

Do you know the requirements to obtain a scholarship and to be able to do a Master?

There are more and more who decide to become a master after finishing college. The price of a master is high so students have to make a great economic effort. There are times when students don´t have the money to run such programs.  Students must have requirements to obtain an allowances

For all those who want to make an Official Master and can not afford it, there are various allowances from the Ministry of Education.

Today from Funway we explain the requirements that a student must meet to access an allowances from the Ministry of Education

Requirements to obtain an allowances:

Economic requirements

Different factors must be taken into account in this section. Generally, the student must meet the requirements established by the Ministry of Education and be below the income and equity threshold.

The family income refers to all the income that the family unit has obtained in the year prior to which the allowances is to be applied for. The patrimony refers to the profits obtained from bank accounts, deposits, sale of real estate, sales of shares … in short is the set of rights, assets and obligations of a family unit.

General requirements

The requirements of a general nature are equivalent to nationality. As a general requirement the student who wants to access the allowances must be Spanish. In the case of being non-EU foreigner, the student must have the Spanish residence from a year before.

Academic Requirements

The requirements will be different depending on whether you choose the allowances only for enrollment or for the full allowances.
The applicant for the allowances must be in possession of an official Spanish university degree, in the case of having a foreign degree, the student must homologate his degree in Spain.

Every year the scholarships are called by the Ministry of Education, modifying the academic, economic and general requirements.

We hope from Funway to clarify these requirements, for more information do not forget to consult the website of the Ministry of Education in Spain.

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