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The best food for exams

Did you know that in  exams period consuming certain types of foods will help you to achieve better results?

Students of degree and postgraduate, masters, doctorates, the dates of exams are approaching and it´s necessary to study much to achieve the great desired objective: TO APPROVE!!

Today from Funway we teach you which foods will help you in these dates to study better.

Don´t give yourself binge of those who have no end, at this time it´s better if you eat less. Doing heavy meals will reduce concentration and increase your desire to sleep.

Top foods


Some nuts such as walnuts and cashew nuts are perfect in test times. According to recent studies, nuts can improve critical thinking and increase decision-making capacity. Cashew nuts contain tryptophan and magnesium, two very good components for improving attention. With a few a day will be suffice.


Zinc, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B12 or folic acid are perfect for improving concentration, memory and intellectual performance. It wouldn´t hurt to intercalate it in your diet twice a week.


The amino acids found in the yolk will enhance your long-term memory and attention span.

Dark chocolate

This one delights us. Having a substance similar to caffeine acts as a stimulant and will give you energy. An ounce or two will suffice.


It´s very rich in fats, vitamins and proteins, including B1, which benefits the functioning of the nervous system. It´ll allow you to keep your memory fresh throughout the day.

And finally, blueberries

They contain potassium and antioxidants that activate the protective enzyme of the brain.

Vitamins are necessary for a good functioning of the human mind

So, from Funway, we encourage you to combine studies with this type of food. Surely you get better results.

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