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Do you know how to overcome the stress of the exams?

Don´t you know yet how to overcome the stress in time of exams?

Students of degree and postgraduate, masters, opponents, doctorates, exchange professors, comes the time of exams and we all become more anxious, the desire to overcome all the tests with good results makes us nervous.

Today from Funway we give you some tips that can help you to relieve such a stress that we don´t like.

 Some tips to combat stress before the exams

 Get Organized and Plan yous studios

Believe it or not, this so seemingly simple is the key to everything. If we bring everything up to date and you are an organized person, we assure you that you will reduce anxiety before the exams. Make a planning with the subjects that you have to study until the day of the exam and do not leave anything without learning for the last days. The days before take the opportunity to review. Surely it will give you confidence and you will not be so nervous.

 Eat healthy

Food is the basis of everything. There are foods that help fight stress. Green tea, blueberries, milk, almonds, spinach, salmon, avocado … are some of the those you can not miss in your daily diet.

 Get enough rest

Sleeping the recommended hours is fundamental to combat stress because in those hours the brain organizes the information in a correct form. A sleeping average of 7 to 8 hours a day is essential to have a good quality of life, reduce stress and have more energy.

Relax and disconnect

Learn to relax. There are a thousand of ways to do it. Control your breathing, it will help you to find you better. Disconnecting from time to time is fundamental, a cinema, a walk, a movie, will make you concentrate better later.

Have fun

Not everything can be study. Go out with your friends and have fun. You’ll come back with charged batteries. It is studied that your performance and your concentration will be better.

Drink tea

There are a thousand different flavors, fruity, bitter, sweet … The benefits they bring are incredible. It will help you stay healthy and reduce the stress of everyday life.

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