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Distance relations in a university residence

Distance relations in a university residence

Ways to maintain a distance relationship when you are going to live in a student residence

You are going to the university to Madrid, you already have your student residence reviewed, you have everything ready but there is something pending, your partner stays in your city and you go to the other side of the country.

What to do to keep the flame alive with your partner at a distance?

Install Skype

Skype is the immediate solution to distances, it’s free, you can have it plugged in while doing other things and it’s an approach like no other. It will give you the feeling that you are very close, even if you are hundreds of kilometers away.

Put your picture on the door of your room inside, a picture in which you leave smiling, a picture that, when you leave the room every morning, look at it and give it a kiss of “have a nice day amore”.


Nor should you abuse the application because it can be overwhelming, but send a couple of daily messages that encourage, no controls, good vibes and confidence flood everything. The goal is to smile every time you see his name in the inbox of your mobile.

The old fashion

It is a bit archaic but a letter written in the handwriting is liked by everyone, it is more personal than any other type of digital message, they are kept with love and transmit smells.


No matter how many tips we give you about ways to keep in touch, none will work if you do not have confidence, trust and life will surprise you.


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