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Cooking University Accommodation

Cooking University Accommodation

Cooking is easy in a university residence

Say no more, you are one of those, you always ate everything your mother put on your plate because it was delicious but, although you picked up the table as a good son you are, you never worried in knowing how those fabulous dishes were made.

Do not worry, here we are to help you and the best way is to give you easy tips that you can carry out in the student residence of Madrid.

How to cook easy and not die trying?


The first thing you have to do is know your own limits and cook according to them, no fillings of peppers or turkeys, we go for the easy, from the simple to the complicated, you’ll see that the kitchen will guide you.


Banish those fears and the word “I do not know how to do it”, the kitchen is very easy, much more than it seems, you just have to give it affection and she will give it back.


It is a fundamental part of the kitchen, always try to buy fresh food, they are not only better and they know better but they are easier to cook, they do not expel water or get stuck.


Be clear what you are going to cook, what you need, what are the times and what are the steps to follow. You tube is a huge recipe book, there you will find many dishes to cook in a simple way.


Almost as important as the recipe is to have all the necessary utensils to cook the recipe you need. In the Funaway student residence you can find all the necessary kitchen utensils to prepare any recipe you propose.













Despite everything you know, despite everything you read or see on the internet, always let yourself be advised by people who know about this much more than you can be a mother, an aunt or a grandmother, the latter are famous because they give advice legendary


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