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Where to go hanging out in Madrid if you’re a university student?

University student

Hanging out in Madrid

In Madrid we lived around 8 million people, each with their different tastes and hobbies, that’s why they have been forming areas throughout the years where you go out and find the atmosphere that best suits your mood.

The advantage of living in a student residence is that you will be able to enjoy them all.

Where to go out in Madrid?


This urban area par excellence of Madrid, in this area was born what was called “the movida madrileña”, there are still bars of that time as “The Milky Way” or “The Penta”, although there is little of that punk the eighties the spirit has not fallen completely and on weekends there is quite an atmosphere of university people.

Ponzano Street

It is an area in itself, it is said that it is the street with more bars in Europe, we do not know if it will be true, but what is a reality is that there is a bar next to the whole street. It is ideal to go from well-shot canes in the legendary “El doble”. The prices are not cheap, nor very expensive, there are bars for all budgets, and it is an ideal area to go on a Saturday and Sunday morning or to dinner.


Little by little, the neighborhood of letters, as it is also known, has been addressing tourists. Every day there is atmosphere, especially foreigner, many tapas bars and many for drinks.


Gay environment very relaxed and fun, its parties are mythical and have been growing year after year, to become a benchmark in the global scene. Last year they gathered more than 2 million people for a week. There are also many restaurants that will surprise you. Highly recommended

Chamartín area

Several locations between Alberto Alcocer, Victor Andres Belaunde and Serrano, a slightly more “posh” atmosphere, people are more groomed and may not let you enter with sneakers somewhere. That yes it is eaten by the zone very well, although it is not cheap.


It is the most cosmopolitan area of ​​the city, you will see Indians, Africans, Asians … its offer is wide and cheap. Historically, it is a neighborhood of humble people that little by little artists have come from all over the city. There the trail is set up every weekend and on holidays. It is an ideal area to go rowing, eat and go out at night. Compared to the rest of the areas it is quite cheap.










Naturally there are many areas that we have left in the inkwell, but the best thing is that you discover them, Prosperidad, Vallecas, Legazpi … there are many authentic areas in Madrid, because Madrid is a very authentic place.


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