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Leisures in Madrid if you are a University student

University student

Plans and leisure areas in Madrid

Madrid is an eternal city, it never ends, you always have something to do, they say that you do not sleep and you really do not, as there are always people from all sides encouraging you for many years. One could say that Madrid is a city with a Doctorate in leisure and healthy habits, such as culture or canes, which are a culture in itself.

How to get the most out of Madrid?


Beers in Madrid are legend, here it is always “to take some canes”, their way of throwing them is unique in the world, with a lot of foam, but with much art, the waiter seems to not know what he is doing, it is part of la bolería madrileña, while talking with her partner, between “heard cooking” and some joke cito of the athletic Madrid with a parishioner. The cane seems to be spilling, turn your wrist, close the tap and plant it on the bar, if it is well pulled it will move as if by magic, but the real magic is to savor it with that characteristic thickness that has created school all over the world. It is usually accompanied with banderillas or with a plate of fried potatoes and anchovies in vinegar, that is the classic. That is Madrid.

Another way to go out of cañas are the “botijos”, they are also called “missiles” in these parts, but the authentic thing is a botijo ​​de Mahou, the fifth of the local beer, now there are other handcrafts that are also very good, although the his is to ask the waiter a couple of botijos. Especially for a downtown area. And if you pronounce the “j” with some exaggeration you will be creating a climate of the most Madrid.


Madrid is the city of Spain with the most football teams in first, Real Madrid, Atlético, Rayo Vallecano, Leganes and Getafe. It is very affordable to go to football to not know that you wanted to go to an important game, like a classic or a derby, but even if you do not have tickets the atmosphere that there are on match days, especially the European Cup, it is incredible, Plaza Mayor is usually filled with fans and it is easy to end up singing with a German fan after having visited the arcades of the main square and having tasted their famous squid sandwiches, washed down with well-drawn canes.


Madrid is a hotbed of restaurants that exceed each other, really has nothing to envy, but quite the opposite to other capitals of the world. Here we have quality restaurants within reach of all and for all, you can eat cheap and well, or you can also eat paying more and leave with the impression of having eaten as you had never done in your life.

In recent years markets have proliferated that little by little have been transformed into Gourmet corners, which apart from being very atmospheric any day of the week are great places to taste new flavors, they are open to all kinds of cuisine and prices. Very good examples are the San Miguel Market, the Vallehermoso Market, or the Lavapies Market.


As far as shopping is concerned Madrid has taken a giant step, if it is already a nerve center and geographical area where people from all over Spain come to buy, especially by proximity, the city has evolved in tastes and offers, creating in itself a kind of giant commercial zone. Yes, it is true that the best, as everywhere, is agglutinated in the center and zones. So we have from the golden mile, which covers the entire area of ​​Serrano, Goya and adjacent; the area of ​​Argensola and Barquillo street; Malasaña area and Conde Duque. Everything you want to find from clothes to designer furniture you will find it easily.

Then, of course, you have the famous Rastro, which is more of an experience than a market, it covers the southern part of Lavapies, it is celebrated every Sunday and holiday and you can then go for a drink or enjoy the latest classic numbers like the one in the Goat and the ladder.


In this section, Madrid is a historic site, here the Madrid movida was born and, although a little updated, it still has its charm. There are environments of all kinds, from concerts on dream roofs, to macro concerts of famous pop stars. Bruce springteen concerts are famous and legendary, or we archive the Rolling Stones rain concert at the Vicente Calderón stadium. The concerts are something very special in Madrid, especially for the performers who dream of a concert in Madrid for the legendary delivery of their audience. And it is already known, from Madrid to heaven.



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