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Masters in Alternative Medicine

Master in Alternative Medicine

Have you ever wondered if there is a Masters in Alternative Medicine?

Get ready to surprise you because at Funway Resort student residence in Madrid we tell you everything !!!

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, or Bach Flowers are some of the most well-known “therapies, alternative medicines” and all of them also have their specialty and respective masters. The University of the Peoples of Europe has a Master in Traditional Chinese Medicine that is taught by distance, a postgraduate that also can be taken in AECED. The European University Miguel de Cervantes and the European Mtc Foundation have a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Phytotherapy.

If you like to study the art of acupuncture exclusively through an acupuncture master’s course that can be taken at the Institute of Traditional Medicine (ISMT) or the University of Barcelona, ​​to give two examples.

At the University of Barcelona, ​​a master’s degree in medicine is given, but in this case homeopathic, which also shares thematic with that of the ISMT. Along the same lines, the University of León has a Master’s Degree in Natural Biological Medicine.

Another example in this field is the Master’s Degree in Herbology and Heredity from the Open University of Advances Science. Outside of Spain, the Kingdom College of Natural Health has a Master’s Degree in Herbology with 44 credits and a Master’s Degree in Homeopathic Psychology with 65 credits and subjects such as “Fundamentals of Immunity”, “Energy Healing Techniques and Psychological Well-Being”, ” Vitamin and psyche interaction “or” complementary alternative medicine and psychiatry “.

Bach Flowers and Aromatherapy also have their master’s degree

In Spain, the University of Cadiz teaches the title of University Expert in Bach Flowers, where topics such as “A new paradigm of healing from the development of the virtues”, “Self-formulation or floral self-treatment: Yourself “or” Floral therapy from the perspective of the Life Cycle “.

Aromatherapy is part of the program of many of the courses mentioned above, but also has some masters of their own that, as no, is taught Institute of Aromatherapy. Funinber through the European University Miguel de Cervantes teaches a Masters in nutrition, herbal medicine and aromatherapy.

If you have Buddhism in Berkeley, you can study Buddhist Studies, which have joined classes from different departments including history of art, psychology, studies of South and Southeast Asia or languages ​​and cultures of East Asia. PhD students should learn to read Buddhist texts in two Asian languages ​​including Pali, Japanese, Chinese, or Tibetan or Sanskrit.

As you see at Funway Resort we learn everything and we want you to keep up with all the news!

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