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Masters in Alternative Medicine

Master in Alternative Medicine

Have you ever wondered if there is a Masters in Alternative Medicine?

Get ready to surprise you because at Funway Resort student residence in Madrid we tell you everything !!!

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, or Bach Flowers are some of the most well-known “therapies, alternative medicines” and all of them also have their specialty and respective masters. The University of the Peoples of Europe has a Master in Traditional Chinese Medicine that is taught by distance, a postgraduate that also can be taken in AECED. The European University Miguel de Cervantes and the European Mtc Foundation have a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Phytotherapy.

If you like to study the art of acupuncture exclusively through an acupuncture master’s course that can be taken at the Institute of Traditional Medicine (ISMT) or the University of Barcelona, ​​to give two examples.

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