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Ranking of Spanish Public Universities

Ranking of Spanish Public Universities

Did you know that five public universities lead the ranking of the best in Spain?

If you want to know what they are, from Funway Resort university residence we tell you below:

They are the Pompeu Fabra University, the Polytechnic of Catalonia, the Carlos III of Madrid, Rovira i Virgili and Politècnica of Valencia.

The ranking analyzes 61 institutions (48 public and 13 private).

In the last positions are the European Miguel de Cervantes and the Distance University of Madrid, the UNED and the Oberta de Catalunya.

The University Pompeu Fabra, the Polytechnic of Catalonia, the Carlos III of Madrid, Rovira i Virgili and Politècnica de Valencia (UPV) are the Spanish universities with the most performance in teaching, research, innovation and technological development, according to the fifth edition of U- Ranking on the Spanish University System of the BBVA Foundation and the Valencian Institute of Economic Research, presented this Thursday in Madrid, which analyzes a total of 61 institutions of higher education (48 public and 13 private).

The authors of the report have indicated that for this ranking the effects of their different size have been corrected to be able to compare to the universities. They have also warned of the “complexity” and “heterogeneity” of the Spanish university system, both between public and private institutions. The former stand out fundamentally in research and innovation, with far higher scores than private universities, while these have higher teaching performance.

The least rated

In the last positions also are the European Miguel de Cervantes and the Distance University of Madrid, all of them with less than 15 years of trajectory, the UNED and the Oberta de Cataluña.

The document re-warns of the “big differences” in the performance of regional university systems, which reach 46 percentage points between Catalan (119) and Catalan (73). As regards the Comunitat Valenciana, its university system appears appears in third place (109), with results that are placed 9 percent above the Spanish average.

“This has much to do with the public policies of the autonomous communities and governing bodies of universities,” said Ivie professor and researcher Joaquín Aldás, who also explained that some autonomous communities appear well-placed because they do ” Reasonably well, “but that they only have one university and can not average, as in the case of Cantabria, in the second position.

Best universities in the second grade

The report also presents the scores obtained by the universities in each one of the degrees, in a way that allows identifying the best evaluated in the different studies offered.

For example, in the branch of Arts and Humanities, the Universitat Rovira i Virgili is the best punctuated to impart the degree of English Language and History, while in the degree of Fine Arts, the Polytechnic

Universitat de València . Universitat Ramón Llull and the University of Navarra, both privately owned, occupy the first and second place in the degree of Philosophy.

In the branch of Social and Legal Sciences, Pompeu Fabra ranks first in the ADE (Business Administration and Management), Law and Journalism, and the Autonomous University of Madrid, in Primary Education; In the branch of Engineering and Architecture, the Polytechnic of Catalonia occupies the first position in the three grades with the highest number of new students – Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering – and also in Architecture.

In terms of science degrees, the Autonomous University of Madrid is distinguished in Biology and Physics, while Rovira i Virgili and the Polytechnic of Catalonia are the best positioned in Chemistry and Mathematics, respectively. Finally, in the branch of Health Sciences, the Illes Balears is placed with the best score in Nursing, Physiotherapy and Pharmacy, while in Medicine the best rated is the Pompeu Fabra.

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